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Winner of the Henries in 2017 for "Best Handmade or Hand-Finished Range", the Magic Box is unlike anything you have seen.  Open the card and out pops a magic box creating a scene in three intricate layers.  Each one is a story in an exquisite miniature world.  Blank inside for your personal message.  Send this miniature work of art using only one postage stamp!  

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BX101 Love
BX101 Love
BX121 Kingfisher
BX103 Birthday Magic
BX112 New Beginning
BX109 Magic Wonderland
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BX122 Unicorn and Flowers
BX118 Beauty Within
BX119 Dragonfly
BX105 A Sunny Day
BX104 Field of Daisies
BX110 Butterflies and the Eiffel Tower
BX114 Dance in the Air
BX107 Friendship
BX809 Birds and ornaments
BX812 Nativity with three wisemen
BX806 Decorating tree with cardinals
BX808 Santa's Sleigh and reindeer
BX804 Deer and rabbits in trees
BX811 Penguins in the snow
BX801 Cat in Christmas Chimney
BX807 Angel and Cardinals over Christmas tree
BX802 Holiday Geese
BX216 With Sympathy
BX209 Happy Birthday Birds
BX130 Two Love Birds with hearts
BX123 Birds on Cherry Blossoms
BX232 Dinosaur
BX111 Birds and Cherry Blossoms
BX202 Happy Anniversary Birds and Hearts
BX203 On your wedding day swan and hearts
BX205 Birds and Hearts Magic Box
BX201 Happy Birthday Butterflies
BX208 Get Well Soon Birds
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