A Forever Card is handmade and designed by Ge Feng who resides in England.  Each card is a little masterpiece that can be treasured forever.  These paper mode cards employ intricate laser cuts to create an amazing work of art.  There is space on the back of the card to write your personal message, which allows the artwork to shine.  Each card is individually wrapped in cellophane with an envelope.  Measured at 5 x 7.

26 results
PM120 Peacock
PM207 Birds over Flowers
PM133 Love Birds
PM172 Bees
PM172 Bees
Mackintosh Roses
E26 Playful Kittys
E18 Dinosaur
E18 Dinosaur
PM146 Couple Under Big Heart
MU03 Inkwood Birds
HDH13 Carousel
PM145 Sunflower and Umbrellas
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PM177 Birds on Wires
PM277- Superhero Spider-Man
PM171 Chameleon
Only 3 left!
PM263 Two Hummingbirds
PM200 Tuxedo Cat
Copy of PM407 couple at Eiffel tower
PM312- Baby
PM312- Baby
PM115 Congratulations tree
PM402 Visions of Van Gogh
PM179 Bumblebees
HDH08 Silhouette Girl
E33 Girl and Balloon
MU04 Inkwood Hedgehog
MU02 Inkwood elephant & cherry blossom
Mackintosh Cat with rose
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